What I do.

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a website. You paid a lot for it, and were proud when you first saw it online. You showed your friends and family, added the website to your business cards, and waited for the phone to ring.

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But nothing happened.
Other businesses were making money online — they all said so — but not you. So you waited a year or two. Maybe you even paid a few more dollars to jazz up your website with a rotating banner or an online coupon.

Still — nothing happened.
Eventually, you quit thinking about it. When someone brings up online sales, you feel frustrated. Maybe you feel ripped off. You wonder, how can your competition be so easy to find on the Internet when you offer a better product, price or service?

You’re right, you know.
The problem is that most local website companies are in the business of selling websites, not building your business. They sold you the equivalent of an online print ad. Attractive, but not effective.

I can help.
I don’t just build websites — I get your business noticed online. I can “level the playing field” so you can compete at the local, state or national level. And I make it affordable by using the same low-cost or even no-cost tools used by your biggest competitors.

Competitive Market Analysis
Website Optimization & Design
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Customer Acquisition and Retention
Content Management Systems
Social Media Networking

Don’t take my word for it. Visit my current clients. Call them. Ask them if they are happy with their results.

If you’d like to talk about ideas for transforming your business with the Internet, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

Thanks for reading this. I hope to hear from you soon.

Mark Lemon

mlemon@disruptiveweb.com | 810-252-8220 cell






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